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This is my Avatar

It look kind of like me because  i have brown hair and brown eyes and I love soccer and my favourite colour is pink I have black and green/aqua  asics and if you have seen my about me post you would know that I love aqua and pink

It was my first attempt that I posted this is the site that I made my avatar onI made it on a site

WE’RE not little kids any more

Come on!! I’m in year six and we are still reading picture story books, shouldn’t we be reading chapter books or information books.
In year four we read a picture story book called Farmer Duck we looked for the hidden meaning in the text. We did the same today.
The book we read today was called Henry and Amy. The book is about a boy who’s life is up side down when ever it is rainy he is wearing summer clothes and the other way around until he meets Amy, she is perfect.

We had to make a group of 4 or 3 Nora Izzy and I came up with 3 hidden meanings that we found was
-no one is perfect
-everyone is different
-doesn’t matter if you make mistakes you can always fix it.
This year we have learning behaviour goals
My learning goal is put your hand up when speaking because I’m a chatter box

So lost

Hey guys next Wednesday the year 3/4 and 5/6 have orienteering we had to practice especially me if you don’t know what orienteering well you get a map of the place and 12 square peace of paper and clip the peace of paper.



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